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Tea for Brewing 150g | 10 bags

Tea for Brewing 150g | 10 bags

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Tea for your brewing needs is 100% fuss free, the best way to brew the sweet tea for your brewing journey. This product has been specially packed to brew loose leaf tea conveniently without having to worry about any mess or fuss. Each 150g bag has 10 tea bags inside which are ideal for brewing loose leaf tea right in your own home.

Ready to brew your own kombucha? These black tea bags are designed to make a delicious, refreshing fizzy drink. Simply pop a tea bag in your water, add sugar, and add Kombucha Works Live Kombucha Culture and let it ferment until ready to drink. It's easy! Each tea bag is packed for a 4-liter sweet tea brew. Refer to the recipe in the link below.

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