What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea based drink with tremendous health benefits. Kombucha has been around for thousands of years and originated in China. It is produced by culturing sweetened tea with a starter culture (or mother) generally known as a SCOBY, in which specific yeasts and bacteria are combined to produce enzymes that break down nutrients into simpler ones that can be absorbed by the body for energy. The rich probiotic properties make it ideal to restore the balance of good gut flora and improve overall health.

What are those brown lumps/strands/strings that are floating in my Kombucha?

If you notice brown strands/lumps floating in your Kombucha, that’s perfectly normal, and it means your kombucha is alive. These are healthy culture strands, they are natural byproducts of the fermentation process of kombucha.

Why does the same kombucha flavour taste different for different batches?

We love the variation of tastes that come from our own Kombucha culture. However, as each "mother" (or SCOBY) is different, even our batches can vary slightly in taste and fizziness, which we find exciting!

Does Kombucha have an expiry date? How do I store my Kombucha?

The times you’re most likely to encounter mold are when temperatures are too high or a batch has gone bad. If your Kombucha feels cold and slushy, or tastes overly sweet or acidic, then it’s probably spoiled. The good news is that Kombucha does not actually expire; however, we put a “best before” label on our Kombucha as they are not pasteurised and the fermentation process continues even after bottling.

We recommend re-capping the bottle and placing it back in the fridge after drinking from it to prevent bugs from getting into it! If you prefer a more sour taste, let the drink continue to age for a few days and keep it at room temperature.

How much sugar and caffeine is in a bottle of Kombucha?

While there is a small amount of caffeine in Kombucha, it's still a much better choice than many other sugary energy drinks. The low sugar content makes this a healthier drink choice as well.

Is Kombucha suitable for everyone? Can children drink Kombucha?

Everyone should be able to enjoy this delicious healthy beverage! You can start with half a cup (a small amount of 50 to 100ml) and increase it slowly over time to 1 cup (200 to 250ml).

As a general guideline for the young, old, pregnant or people with a weak immune system and special dietary requirements, please consult your doctor for any concerns. People with candida disease, compromised or susceptible immune systems to exercise caution when introducing Kombucha to diet.

Children can be introduced to Kombucha from a very young age. However, do start with a small amount of 50-100ml. Similar to introducing any new food to your children, give the Kombucha in small quantities or mix with juice or water.

How do I store my SCOBY?

We provide a fresh, healthy culture every time you receive your kit. Your SCOBY is live, so it doesn’t require refrigeration. If you just received your SCOBY, we recommend storing it at room temperature (away from direct sunlight and heat) until you are ready to brew. If you are in-between brews, just put it in a jar with a cloth cover much the same as your primary fermentation.