We are kombucha fanatics and we love sharing our passion for this miracle brew. We also like collaborating with partners who share the same values as us.. Kombucha's success is our success, and that's why we're so proud to be a part of the kombucha revolution.

Top 10 Kombucha in Singapore

"The brainchild of Katherine Sng, Kombucha Works is where she shares her love for kombucha for others to enjoy this health-boosting beverage. Among her popular Kombucha Works flavours include the Asian-inspired Pandan & Lemongrass and the refreshing Vitamin C-packed Lemon & Cucumber. Those who are thinking about brewing their own kombucha at home can get the DIY Kombucha Brewing Kit, offering essential items like a brewing glass jar, a teabag and of course, step-by-step brewing instructions." Read more HERE.

Best Wellness Drink (Editor's Choice)

"Nothing beats treating yourself to a sweet cool drink with our hot and sunny weather that also provides health benefits too! The Kombucha Works is made with premium tea and sugar and a plethora of organic acids that blends to boost and restore good bacteria. This will then provide an enhancement to your health- especially your gut- that will essentially regulate it, thus, making this tasty healthy drink one you need to have on the regular!" Read more HERE.

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9 awesome women-owned and run businesses in Singapore you need to know about

"Kat Sng is an artisan kombucha brewer and a single mother who also has a full-time job as a marketer. She set up Kombucha Works in 2018 when she “decided to start brewing kombucha for her family to boost their health”. Ms Sng’s belief in the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly living has always been prominent in the way she leads her life and educates her son. Kombucha Works also collaborates with Fawn Labs at that brand’s pop-ups and flea market stalls." Read more HERE.