Our Story

Katherine Sng Kombucha Mama Founder of Kombucha Works

"You cannot control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside."

- Wayne Dyer

We create live cultured drink with love!

Kombucha brewing started out as Katherine Sng’s labour of love in 2014, when she decided to start brewing kombucha for her family members to boost their health and immunity.

Having discovered and witnessed the many positive effects of kombucha over the years, Katherine decided in 2017 to start Kombucha Works to share her passion with others and to make kombucha brewing easy and accessible.

To date, Kombucha Works has sold over 500 of its very popular kombucha brew kits. Katherine also conducts kombucha brewing classes, which have received positive reviews from 2021.

Katherine Sng, Founder Kombucha Works