Basic Kombucha Brewing Workshop (60mins)

Learn to brew kombucha successfully with the right tools, ingredients and the step-by-step hands on process in Kombucha brewing.

Learn how to brew kombucha successfully in your own home with step-by-step guidance from our Principal Brewer, Katherine Sng (KombuchaMama). Bring home a starter kit filled with everything you need, including glass bottles and all the ingredients needed for your initial batch, to begin brewing your own batches of this delicious probiotic drink.

Kombucha Workshop

This is a physical workshop. In this 60 minutes workshop, you will learn the basics of Kombucha brewing:

  • What is Kombucha?
  • The history, origins and science behind Kombucha
  • The health benefits of Kombucha
  • The tools and ingredients needed in Kombucha Brewing
  • Hands on Kombucha brewing session with insider tips to get a 100% successful brew
  • Understand what to watch out for to ensure your brews stay healthy, brew after brew
  • Tasting session of Kombucha Works kombucha

What You Will Bring home:

  • Kombucha Works Starter DIY Brewing Kit worth $62.90 including a LIVE SCOBY Culture
  • Kombucha Works 5L Glass Brew Jar
  • 1 bottle (8oz/250ml) Kombucha Works Flavoured Probiotic Sparkling Fermented Tea.
  • Pin Tea premium tea samples.
  • Kombucha guide for the first and consecutive brews
  • Recipe card
  • Brewing Log card
  • Kombucha cohort Group to ensure success in brewing Kombucha (We have a 100% success rate in all our cohorts)

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