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Here at Kombucha Works, our SCOBYs are grown with certified organic sugar and all-natural loose tea leaves. Cultivated in a sterile environment, they are kept fresh and active until shipment to ensure you receive an active, happy, & healthy SCOBY to start your journey to a successful brew! Each SCOBY is about 5mm in thickness and is packaged with 400ml of strong starter tea. Choose between the classic Kombucha base (cultivated from black tea and cane sugar) or Junbucha base (cultivated from organic premium green tea and raw honey) and the size suitable for your brewing jar.  \nMake your own Kombucha at home and have fun flavouring different flavours to suit your taste buds with our SCOBY bag today! Below is our recipes to be used with our Kombucha/JUN SCOBY: 

Kombucha Recipe

\n[caption id="attachment_9085" align="alignnone" width="596"]Kombucha Scoby Black Tea Brewing guide This recipe uses Black Tea, Cane Sugar and Kombucha Works Kombucha Culture SCOBY[/caption] \n

Junbucha/JUN Recipe

\n[caption id="attachment_9083" align="alignnone" width="596"]JUN-scoby-green-tea-brewing-guide This recipe uses Green Tea, Raw Honey and Kombucha Works JUN Culture SCOBY[/caption]
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