You cannot control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside.

We create live cultured drink with love!

Kombucha brewing started out as Katherine Sng’s labour of love in 2013, when she decided to start brewing kombucha for her family members to boost their health and immunity.

Having discovered and witnessed the many positive effects of kombucha over the years, Katherine decided in 2017 to start Kombucha Works to share her passion with others and to make kombucha brewing easy and accessible.

To date, Kombucha Works has sold over 500 of its very popular kombucha brew kits. Katherine also conducts kombucha brewing classes, which have received positive reviews from 2021.

Katherine Sng -CEO KombuchaWorks

Katherine Sng

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Kombucha is life

We’re dedicated to sourcing only the best ingredients for our kombucha — all of which are GMO-free and contain no artificial preservatives or flavourings. Our Kombucha has the highest probiotic count on the market, and is brewed in small batches with a handcrafted reusable glass vessel.

Our Values

At Kombucha Works, we hold deep regard for our customers, our community, and the environment. Our Kombucha is a harmonious elixir that not only delights the palate but also nourishes your well-being. Beyond being a refreshing drink, it fosters a sense of togetherness, allowing people to connect on a profound level. Whether it’s by brewing the cultures with our tea or by sharing their own Kombucha creations with friends, our product creates a bond that is both unique and intimate.

We value cleanliness in our products and strive to maintain high standards of quality control so that our Kombuchas are healthy and safe to drink.

We believe that you get the best flavors possible when you make your own Kombucha tea yourself.

Kombucha should be as natural and as organic as possible.

The Kombucha making process supports local food production and jobs.

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